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What is the main goal of the game?

For most, the objectives of this game are $ROAD mining and Wasteland Domination. Warriors acquire lots of vehicles and weapons, secure strategic garage shares and earn as much $ROAD as possible. But some just have fun killing. Check this Game Guide to learn more.

How to earn $ROAD in the game?

You can mine $ROAD at pumps, raid other players to steal their coins or receive passive $ROAD income from holding the garage ownership tokens.

How does the $ROAD distribution work?

There are multiple $ROAD pumps across the Wasteland that produce $ROAD ($ROAD) at random intervals. The Wasteland Core controls the distribution and increases the distribution amount when more players are in the Wasteland at the same time.

What is High and Slow Distribution?

High Distribution (HD) intensifies the $ROAD distribution rates so that the players can mine more tokens in a given hour. HD usually happens during scheduled events. Slow Distribution (SD) usually happens between the events.

What are the garage ownership tokens?

Garages can be compared to land in other blockchain-based games, as each of them represents a strategic location that can generate passive $ROAD income. In addition, garages can serve as strategic bases for clans. Nearly all garages in the Wasteland are owned by someone. The owners earn passive $ROAD income by receiving a percentage of all tokens brought to any particular garage by the players. This is called the Entrance Fee, and it is distributed proportionally among the garage token holders.

Why do I need multiple vehicles?

The more vehicles you own, the more powerful you are, and the more $ROAD you will be able to mine. Having multiple vehicles allows you to play the game without having to wait for the vehicle cooldown, and you can use them in the upcoming Wasteland Missions to earn semi-passive $ROAD income.

What is the vehicle cooldown?

When your vehicle is destroyed, it needs some time to be repaired to get back to the Wasteland. The cooldown timer depends on your vehicle and weapon stats. The better the stats, the longer the cooldown.

What are the badges?

The badge is a distinctive mark applied to a vehicle in the Wasteland. Some badges are extremely rare and difficult to obtain. Others are applied at the vehicle’s birth and cannot be removed. They can also represent the vehicle’s body material.

Is there a marketplace?

Yes. Most of our gaming items and currency are standardized and fully decentralized. Therefore, you can freely trade them using any Ethereum-based marketplace. Check out OpenSea

What weapons should I choose and where can I get them?

You can open the weapon cases. You will get a random weapon for each opened case, and the stats would depend on the type of case. Generally, high damage and rpm weapons are better as you can cause more damage to the opponent quickly, but these weapons overheat faster. So there is always a tradeoff. The higher the stability, the faster the cooldown. Muzzle velocity determines the shooting range. Please note that rockets also have splash damage. Stronger weapons increase your vehicle’s repair time.

What are the clans and how do I join one?

The idea of a clan is to form a strong coalition in the game to defeat the enemies, dominate the Wasteland and/or provide protection to newbies for cryptocurrency reward. Would you like to form the “Mercenaries for Hire,” “Wasteland Collection Agency” clan or just join an existing clan?

What to do if you were kicked/banned

Check your ping if necessary. Play at your own risk if your ping is higher than 100ms and loss is higher than 0%. Submit a request to unban your account here

How do I report a suspected cheater?

Please submit your report to the email provided when game launches. Thank you for playing fair!

Is Roadsters pay to win?

We strongly believe that Roadsters is NOT pay to win and that this definition mostly applies to games with “closed” economies. Pay2win games usually require players to constantly pay to progress in the game. At Roadsters, you purchase the items to play with that you can later sell on any decentralized marketplace. You earn cryptocurrency with your set of items, which utilizes an innovative concept called “play to earn”.

Players can also utilize strategy to play with low-grade items, team up with others, and/or rent an account from others. At Roadsters, we don’t even have an option to pay to progress in the game.

Can I change my username?

Changing your username is not allowed, so chose wisely. Every nickname is unique and used to deposit/withdraw tokens in/out of the game.

How often the leaderboard is reset?

We usually reset the leaderboard before every event